Every square metre of the 120 ha wine estate is situated on the slopes of the valley and about 80 ha have been planted with vines facing mainly north and north-west. Two hundred and fifty metres separate the lowest and highest vineyards and meso-climates abound as the temperatures and rainfall differences between these vineyards are considerable. Also the horseshoe-shaped vineyards ensure the right hours of sunshine for every variety. These conditions -the temperature, climate as well as quality of the soil – are ideal for producing wines of excellence.

On the crest of the hills are the weathered remains of granite outcrops. The surrounding soils are ideal for vineyard cultivation, especially red wine because the moisture-retaining sub-soils keep the wine roots cool, even in summer. The Goede Hoop vineyards have been planted here. Due to sufficient rainfall per annum, between 600 and 900mm, only 40ha receives supplementary irrigation since 2005.