For the past 40 years the Bestbier family has been collecting a selection of fine wines from the Cape.
These wines have been stored and matured at optimal temperature in the cool cellars of GOEDE HOOP Estate.
Now, 40 years later, whilst the Bestbier’s were on a European holiday in 2000, winemaker Albert Ahrens and then viticulturist Johan de Beer decided to bring to life, what was formerly old dusty, cobwebbed Sherry cement tanks, into what it is now : Pieter’s Private Cellar.

After completion winemakers from the Bottelary ward of Stellenbosch were asked to partake in the task of tasting and evaluating each of the +/- 100 different wines in Pieter’s Private Cellar.
They were pleased to learn that most of the wines matured to above expectation. To share these wines with fellow wine enthusiasts, Pieter has decided to open his Private Cellar door to the public once a month for a evening of Great Vintage Wine & Gourmet Food.